ircII help: bind enter_digraph

  The ENTER_DIGRAPH function allows you to enter digraphs or
  compose letters not normally available on your keyboard.  If
  you have not made any changes to the internal digraph table
  (using DIGRAPH), you could for example enter a German sharp
  "s";  enter the key to activate the ENTER_DIGRAPH function,
  followed by two "s".  Note that, in order to display this
  character on your screen, your terminal must be capable of
  doing so.  If you, for instance, have an American 7-bit ASCII
  terminal, and have informed ircII of this (by entering the
  command "SET TRANSLATION ASCII"), only a normal "s" will
  displayed, eventhough it will be treated as a German sharp
  "s" internally.

  To view the available digraphs, enter the "DIGRAPH" command
  with no arguments.  By default, ircII uses the same sequences
  as available on Digital VT320/VT420 terminals as well as in
  the editor Elvis.

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