ircII help: alias functions

IRCII Functions
  IRCII functions are substituted with the format $FUNCTION(arguments).
  A function is an ALIAS which assigns a value to FUNCTION_RETURN.
  For example:
    ALIAS DOUBLE assign FUNCTION_RETURN ${[$0]+[$0]}
  which is the same as:
    ALIAS DOUBLE @ function_return = [$0] * 2
  used with:
  will cause
  to display "14".

  The following built-in functions already exist and cannot be overriden:

  LEFT(COUNT STRING)    Returns the COUNT leftmost bytes from the STRING.
  RIGHT(COUNT STRING)   Returns the COUNT rightmost bytes from the STRING.
  MID(INDEX COUNT STRING) Returns COUNT bytes starting at position INDEX
                        in STRING.
  INDEX(CHARLIST STRING) Returns the index to the first character in STRING
                        which appears in CHARLIST.
  RINDEX(CHARLIST STRING) Returns the index to the last character in STRING
			which appears in CHARLIST.
  TIME()                Returns the current system time as a long integer
  STIME(TIMEVAL)        Returns the date and time in English that corresponds
                        to the long integer TIMEVAL.
  TDIFF(TIME_INTERVAL)	Takes a TIME_INTERVAL in seconds and returns it in 
			the format.. dd days hh hours mm minutes ss seconds
			Any fields with 00 are omitted.
  RAND(LIMIT)           Returns a random number x such that 0<=x<LIMIT
  SRAND(SEED)           Seeds the random number generator and returns nothing.
                        The seed may be a long integer, although only the low
                        integer is used.
  USERHOST()            Returns the user@host value under which the current
                        message was sent if you are on a 2.7 server or better.
  MATCH(PATTERN WORDS)  Returns an index into the list of WORDS of the first
                        match for the given PATTERN. Returns 1 if it matches
                        the first word, 0 if it matches none.
  RMATCH(WORD PATTERNS) Returns an index into the list of PATTERNS of the
                        pattern which best matches the given WORD. Returns
                        1 for the first pattern, 0 for none.
  WORD(INDEX WORDS)	Returns the single word in the list of WORDS pointed
			to by INDEX.
  STRIP(CHARLIST STRING) Returns the STRING with all occurrences of characters
                        listed in CHARLIST removed.
  CONNECT(HOST PORT)	Returns the file descriptor for the connection.
			A NULL fd means host could not be resolved.
			Negative fd means some error occurred in the attempt.
			Communication through the connection is done with 
                        (See DCC RAW and ON DCC_RAW)
  LISTEN(PORT)		Creates a listening socket on the specified port.
			If the port # is not specified then it returns the 
			number of the port it chose arbitrarily.  It cannot
			open a port# < 1025
  ISCHANNEL(word)       Returns 1 if word is a valid channel name.
  ISCHANOP(nick channel) Returns 1 if nick is a chanop on the given channel.
  WINNUM()              Returns the current window number.  This is always 
			the window which is indicated by STATUS_WINDOW.
  WINNAM()              Returns the current window name.
                        This is always the window which is indicated by 
			STATUS_WINDOW.  If the window has no name, it returns
  ENCODE(input text)	Convert input text to an encoded string suitable for
			use as an ircII variable or alias name.  Any special
			including spaces can be encoded into the string.
  DECODE(encoded text)	Decode a single STRING of text produced by ENCODE()
			into it's original characters.  Note that these are
			case sensitive.
  TOUPPER(string)       Convert string to upper case.
  TOLOWER(string)       Convert string to lower case.
  CURPOS()		Returns the postition from the start of the input line
			to where the cursor is now.
  MYCHANNELS(refnum)    Returns a string with a list of channels on that
                        windows server. (defaults to current window)
  MYSERVERS()		Returns a string of the names of the servers
			you are connected to.
  ONCHANNEL(nick channel) Returns 1 if nick is on channel
  PID()			Returns the current process ID.
  PPID()		Returns the current parent process iD.
  CHANUSERS(channel)	Returns a list of users on channel.
  STRFTIME(time format)	Returns a string with the time formatted according
			to the given format.
  IDLE()		Returns the number of seconds since the last keyboard

  The argument separator for functions is the space character, not the comma.

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