ircII help: set translation

Usage: SET TRANSLATION <character translation table>
  The TRANSLATION variable defines a character translation
  table.  By default, ircII assumes that all text processed
  over the network is in the ISO 8859/1 map, also known as
  Latin-1.  This is identical to standard ASCII, except that
  it is extended with additional characters in the range
  128-255.  Many environments by default use the Latin-1 map,
  such as X Windows, MS Windows, AmigaDOS, and modern ANSI
  terminals including Digital VT200, VT300, VT400 series and
  MS-Kermit.  However, many older environments use non-standard
  extensions to ASCII, and yet others use 7-bit national
  replacement sets.

  Some available settings for the TRANSLATION variable:

  8-bit sets:
    CP437               Old IBM PC, compatibles and Atari ST.
    CP850               New IBM PC compatibles and IBM PS/2.
    DEC_MCS             DEC Multinational Character Set.
                        VAX/VMS.  VT320's and other 8-bit
                        Digital terminals use this set by
                        default, but I recommend changing to
                        Latin-1 in the terminal Set-Up.
    DG_MCS              Data General Multinational Character Set.
    HP_MCS              Hewlett Packard Extended Roman 8.
    LATIN_1             ISO 8859/1.  Default.
    MACINTOSH           Apple Macintosh computers and boat
    NEXT                NeXT.

  7-bit sets:
    ASCII               ANSI ASCII, ISO Reg. 006.  For American
                        terminals in 7-bit environments.  Use
                        this one if everything else fails.
    DANISH              Norwegian/Danish.
    DUTCH               Dutch.
    FINNISH             Finnish.
    FRENCH              ISO French, ISO Reg. 025.
    FRENCH_CANADIAN     French in Canada.
    GERMAN              ISO German, ISO Reg. 021.
    IRV                 International Reference Version, ISO
                        Reg. 002.  For use pedantic in ISO 646
    ITALIAN             ISO Italian, ISO Reg. 015.
    JIS                 JIS ASCII, ISO Reg. 014.  Japanese
                        ASCII hybrid.
    NORWEGIAN_1         ISO Norwegian, Version 1, ISO Reg. 060.
    NORWEGIAN_2         ISO Norwegian, Version 2, ISO Reg. 061.
    PORTUGUESE          ISO Portuguese, ISO Reg. 016.
    PORTUGUESE_COM      Portuguese on Digital terminals.
    RUSSIAN             Russian
    RUSSIAN_ALT         Alternative Russian.
    SPANISH             ISO Spanish, ISO Reg. 017.
    SWEDISH             ISO Swedish, ISO Reg. 010.
    SWEDISH_NAMES       ISO Swedish for Names, ISO Reg. 011.
    SWEDISH_NAMES_COM   Swedish.  Digital, Hewlett Packard.
    SWISS               Swiss.
    UNITED_KINGDOM      ISO United Kingdom, ISO Reg. 004.
    UNITED_KINGDOM_COM  United Kingdom on DEC and HP terminals.

  Please forward any extra translation tables to the ircII development
  team by using the ircbug utility that comes with the package, or,
  failing that, sending mail to directly.

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