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Server information about irc.psychz.net

MOTD of irc.psychz.net

irc.psychz.net Message of the Day - 
23/7/2024 8:01
This open IRCnet server is provided by:
8888888b.   .d8888b. Y88b   d88P  .d8888b.  888    888 8888888888P
888   Y88b d88P  Y88b Y88b d88P  d88P  Y88b 888    888       d88P
888    888 Y88b.       Y88o88P   888    888 888    888      d88P
888   d88P  "Y888b.     Y888P    888        8888888888     d88P
8888888P"      "Y88b.    888     888        888    888    d88P
888              "888    888     888    888 888    888   d88P
888        Y88b  d88P    888     Y88b  d88P 888    888  d88P
888         "Y8888P"     888      "Y8888P"  888    888 d8888888888
    Dedicated / Colocation Solutions / Private Cloud and MORE
                 Website: https://www.psychz.net/
                       Channel: #psychz

       Open to all users on IPv4/IPv6 ports 6665-6669,7000
             SSL/TLS available on ports 6679 and 6697
] We scan for open proxies on connect. If you do not wish to be
  scanned, please do not connect to this server.

] IRCnet provides no nick/channel registration services.

] This server provides SSL/TLS encryption for some of its clients.
  However end parties you communicate with may or may not also
  have SSL/TLS enabled. The entire route is unlikely to be
  encrypted the entire path!

] This server provides EXPERIMENTAL local +z channel flag
  (&channels only) allowing only SSL/TLS enabled clients to join.

] This server provides EXPERIMENTAL ip cloaks for users. Read more
  and sign up at https://www.cloak.ircnet.io

] To avoid opless channels, you are encouraged to use the channel
  reop mode +R (otherwise unfixable).

] Usage of /list for listing all channels is deprecated.
  Please use "/squery alis help" instead. You can also use
  http://www.ircnet.info to list and search channels.

] Rules:
  * We reserve the right to deny service to anyone at any
    time and for any reason.
  * Mass advertising/link spam is not allowed.
  * Clients connected for the purpose of stealing nicks
    are not allowed.
  * General limits (request changes via /admin):
      3 clients per host   (without ident)
      3 clients per person (with ident)
     20 clients per /24    (IPv4)
     10 clients per /48    (IPv6)
  * If your IP range offers services to other people
    (e.g., shell providers) you must let us know.
  * Limits and rules for shell providers:
    * 3 clients per person
    * identd is required and no ident spoofing, no
      changing an ident after a ban, and no giving a
      person multiple usernames
  * Breaking these rules will result in a ban from ALL
    open servers.

] Links:
  * Server and channel lists: http://www.ircnet.info
  * Random open server (dns round-robins):
    - open.ircnet.io       All open servers
    - ssl.ircnet.io        With SSL/TLS support
    - irc.cloak.ircnet.io  With cloak support
    - ssl.cloak.ircnet.io  With cloak and SSL/TLS support
  * Webchat available at:
    - https://webchat.ircnet.net  qwebirc
    - https://ircnet.chat/        The Lounge

] If you require any further information, join #ircnet

                 IRC is a privilege, not a right!    
           Respect others and enjoy your stay on IRCnet.

ADMIN-istrative information from irc.psychz.net

Administrative info about irc.psychz.net
US Open Server, Provided by Psychz Networks
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