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Server information about irc.dotsrc.org

MOTD of irc.dotsrc.org

irc.dotsrc.org Message of the Day - 
11/9/2005 17:52
Welcome to the Danish IRC server at

             DotSrc.org - http://dotsrc.org
IRC-Server administration:

This server is located at DAREnet and linked to IRCNet, 
and will only accept Danish connections from machines
registered in DNS (ask you system administrator if you
are in doubt).

The server listens on the ports 6666,6667, and 6668.

Due to high numbers of channels on IRCNet, it is not
possible to do a /list without being flooded off the 

To see a list of channels go to:

Or try: /squery alis help

Please direct any bot request to irc-team@dotsrc.org.

Unauthorized bots are NOT welcome.

For more information, try http://dotsrc.org/irc/

Clients should have a valid CTCP response or risk the 
chance of being denied access without prior warning.

All connects, signoffs and nick changes for users on 
this server are sent to the local &CLIENTS channel for 
auditing purposes. Only local IRC operators can join 
this channel.

On this server no abusive actions will be tolerated. No 
colliding, channel take overs, or other abusive actions 
will be tolerated. 

NOTE: On join we connect to some ports on your host in 
order to scan for open proxies, trojans etc. to prevent 
hacked hosts in connecting to our server.

Foreign opers: Authorized bots are in the class 5-8. 

Clients not reading our message of the day, can be 
klined instantaneously and without warning!

                  - Remember - 
       IRC is not a right, it's a privilege  


ADMIN-istrative information from irc.dotsrc.org

Administrative info about irc.dotsrc.org
e-mail - irc-team@dotsrc.org
 Operators are Dr_Jazz, Staun, bonde, STL

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