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Server information about hub.se

MOTD of hub.se

hub.se Message of the Day - 
28/7/2015 10:09

               IRCSE Hub 

Clients from Sweden try one of the following swedish
client servers:

<server name>:<ports>
irc.swipnet.se : 5190, 6660-6670, 8000, 8080 
irc.ludd.luth.se : 6660-6668, 6969, 8080 
irc.okit.se : 6666-6669, 8080 
irc.desync.se : 5190, 6660-6670, 8000, 8080 

Others may try open.ircnet.net.

Abuse reports concerning *.se should be emailed to
ircse@.irc.pp.se. Issues concerning this HUB should
be sent to ircnet@hub.se.

HUB Administrators: CooperS, SpaceDump and _Hans.

ADMIN-istrative information from hub.se

Administrative info about hub.se
IRCSE hub Administration <hub@irc.pp.se>
Abuse reports concerning *.se <ircse@irc.pp.se>
Hub server only, see motd for client servers.

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